Episode 1, The Impostor

crawlSilicon Valley rocketeer and intermittently loose cannon Elon Musk has shoved his way into an exclusive clubhouse populated by venerable automakers, yanked several members out of their chairs in full nelsons, and has sat down to order appetizers. His electric Model S sedan, a seven-passenger slab of science fiction come real, is outshining its old-school competitors with nary a dollar spent on marketing and without a dealer network. No dealer network? That’s a scary precedent for powerful dealer groups, who have enjoyed a century of political protection from factory-direct auto sales that would render them obsolete. Dealers generate tax dollars, jobs and political contributions. Of course, they’ve also generated decades of public mistrust. Now “this Musk guy” has stepped into the ring for the ultimate showdown of brains vs brawn. In the first round, the tag-team of pols and dealers has banned Tesla sales in some states.  The real-world impact? The banned stores can still operate, but they function more like 1920s speakeasy saloons. You mumble out the side of your mouth about test-drives. Mention price and Tesla associates immediately collapse into fetal position, block their ears and hum loudly so they can’t hear you. Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Tesla has a Model X-wing fighter in the on-deck circle. Pre-orders are jumping like fish into the boat. Tesla is also scouting the American Southwest for real estate. It’s plotting a solar and wind-powered  “Gigafactory” battle station where some 6,500 workers will create batteries from scratch, to power an “affordable” Tesla in the $35k range targeted for 2017. Raise your hand if $35k still isn’t affordable …

5 thoughts on “Episode 1, The Impostor

  1. Lustuccc says:

    Nice stories! I like it very much!


  2. […] Episode I: The Impostor Episode II: We Build, We Fight Episode III: Tesla Energy is Born Episode IV: Winged Assassins […]


  3. Nøderak says:

    I have read all of your posts, 8/14/16 — 3/20/14! Wonderful! I love your blog! Thanks for all you do.


  4. Nøderak says:

    FYI, it’s been 64 pages.


  5. RWF says:

    Seek help.


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